Wildcat Terms & Conditions for Forest School

This document outlines the following procedures.

  • Booking and cancellation
  • Health & Safety
  • Confidentiality and Data Protection
  • Feedback & concerns

Booking sessions

All sessions are sold via the online shop. During term time, sessions are available in a series (block) to be paid in full to secure your place, this cost is inclusive of all equipment and resources for participants.


Wildcat Forest School will continue facilitating sessions in all weathers, except those considered to pose an adverse risk, such as high winds or thunderstorms. If a severe weather warning is issued by the Met Office we will endeavour to inform carers/parents at the earliest possible convenience, in the event of a session being cancelled. Most likely the day before the session, by 8pm. Allowing you time to make alternative plans with your Saturday. In the event of a session being cancelled due to adverse weather a 50% refund for the session will apply. (please check your email for any communication from Wildcat if severe weather warnings are issued, before travelling to the site).

In the unlikely event of a session leader having to cancel due to illness or unforeseen circumstances the session will be rescheduled or a full refund for that session will be arranged.

Cancellation by Parent/Carer

Sessions are non-refundable. Sessions are booked in a block of 6, which must be used within 8 weeks of the first session attended. Any sessions not used within 8 weeks will be considered to have expired. We want to offer flexibility as we know plans can change, so you don’t have to tell us which sessions you’ll be missing in advance, but if you can it would be very helpful.

Medical Forms

A medical form must be completed for each child attending Forest School. These are available to complete online by following the introductory email sent out by your FS Leader. It is really important that you complete these medical records at least 48 hours before the commencement of the Forest School session(s) for which you have booked.

As a parent/carer it is your responsibility to update us with any relevant information regarding your child’s health and wellbeing. This will ensure the safety and enjoyment for all participants attending forest school.

Asthma Inhaler/EpiPen/Insulin

It is really important that any relevant medication that you or your child requires must be brought with you to any session for general preventative measures or in case of an emergency. Consent to administer medication will be given in relevant medical forms as mentioned above. If a child arrives for a session without their medication, then the session Leader reserves the right to refuse entry (for the protection of both child and staff/volunteers).

Nut Free

Wildcat forest school is a nut free environment, if you want to pack a snack for your child to bring with them, make sure it does not contain nuts.

Appropriate Clothing for Participants

Clothing yourself and your child adequately for outdoor learning is crucial to enjoying your experience in the woods. The following check list is to help you prepare your child for their Wildcat experience. You must ensure your child has the essential items below, we suggest packing a bag with these items including a bottle of water.

Essential Clothing

  • Long sleeved T-Shirt or shirt
  • Fleece, hoody or jumper
  • Long trousers & waterproof trousers
  • Good warm/thick socks
  • Waterproof shoes, boots or wellies
  • Waterproof coat, hat & gloves

Unsuitable clothing

  • Short sleeved T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Leggings
  • Sandals, Crocs or similar

The items listed under unsuitable do not offer adequate protection against the wear and tear of the outdoors leaving your child’s skin exposed to; brambles, nettles, scrapes, grazes & ticks.


We have a safeguarding policy and procedure followed by all staff & volunteers; it is available to parent’s/carers on request. If you have any concerns relating to the welfare of a child, then please do contact us in the first instance. However, you can refer directly to the Children’s Services or the Police if you feel a child is in imminent danger. Wildcat Forest School practitioners cannot promise confidentiality to a child in the event of a disclosure, it is our legal obligation to record and share a disclosure appropriately to the referral team.

Protecting your privacy

Any personal information stored electronically is password protected and will only be used for planning and preparation of sessions and will not be shared with any 3rd parties. Any physical documents with personal info relating to adults or children attending sessions will be stored securely until an appropriate time when they are no longer required and will be disposed of/destroyed sensitively.

Use of photos and digital recording media

We take the privacy of all participants seriously. We would like take photographs and short video clips during the Forest School sessions to create marketing materials and to share achievements and experiences within the Wildcat community. As the parent/carer we respect any decisions/preferences you make regarding use of digital media. We simply ask you to complete the digital media consent form along with the medical form before a series of sessions to state your preferences.

Feedback and Concerns

We encourage all participants to give us feedback about their experience. We want to be approachable and encourage you to talk to us about any concern relating to your time with us at Wildcat Forest School. We appreciate that sometimes it can feel difficult raising concerns, we really want to listen and help where we can, please contact us via email or phone if something is bothering you or speak to us in person.