Check that you have read the Ts&Cs on the ‘Policies’ page on our website, this will outline in detail some key aspects to the safe and smooth running of Forest School for all participants.

What to bring?

You and your child must be adequately clothed; here’s a quick checklist: Long sleeved T-Shirt or shirt; Fleece, hoody or jumper; Long trousers & waterproof trousers; Good warm/thick socks; Waterproof shoes, boots or wellies; Waterproof coat, hat & gloves.

There’s more information in the Ts&Cs you’ll be sent when you book. We suggest packing a bag for your little person with any clothing they are not wearing and a bottle filled with water.

Can parents attend a session?

Yes, if attending a Wildcubs (under 6s) session, the expectation is that one parent attends with their child. Depending on the age of your child, you can supervise the whole time or if a little older you can give them some more independence.

If your child is attending a Wildcat session 6+ and you want to reassure your child and be in the background until they feel settled in that is absolutely fine. It is recommended that you also wear suitable clothing and read the play policy on the ‘policies’ page prior to the session.

What do we do of it’s raining?

Make sure you have the right gear to keep your child dry and warm. We will continue sessions in all weathers, that’s part of the adventure. Making dens to shelter from the wind & rain will help build resilience, develop teamwork and communication skills. If a severe weather warning has been issued than the Forest School Leader will inform you of a cancellation the day before the session.

What if I can’t afford to pay for a whole series of session in full?

We don’t want children to be disadvantaged by financial circumstances. We will accept payments being spread over the series in certain cases. This can be arranged mutually, please contact via email if this applies to you.

Will I be refunded if a session is cancelled?

As sessions are booked in blocks it’s very likely you’ll be able to attend another session instead. If we must cancel due to a weather warning and you can’t make another session, we’ll issue a 50% refund to you. If sessions are cancelled by us for any other reason and you can’t make another session, we’ll give you a full refund.

Can my child bring food to Forest School?

Yes, it is definitely a good idea to pack a water bottle and a snack. Please don’t bring fizzy drinks. We would like children to become responsible consumers and will ask them to take any litter away with them and recycle where possible at home.